Introducing the latest innovation in lingerie fit.

Made with your body’s needs as the starting point, we have developed a solution that will enable us to create each of our products just for you, fitting and supporting you perfectly where your body needs it and what’s more, not only does that make us more environmentally friendly than our competitors you will be able to take it home on the same day.

Discover lingerie that’s perfectly you.



When did you last get a lingerie set that fitted your body, giving you the support, comfort and confidence that you deserve? When did you last not completely loathe having to buy new bras, or feel ripped off at the cost for something that you have compromised on fit for?

Sure, your lingerie looks great… but it should fit great – not just great, but perfect. Enter Anne Oommen lingerie! Finally the hassle free, trust worthy  solution that you have been waiting for. We will also provide revolutionary post-sale care for your products.

A bra shouldn’t be something you can’t wait to peel off with a sigh of relief at the end of the day… It should be your second skin, a part of you. That’s why Anne Oommen felt the need to completely revolutionise the fit of lingerie – after all no two breasts, or bodies, are the same. Developed with the support of leading breast surgeons, specialists and fashion innovators, our unique patented process provides you with a one-of-a-kind bra that will be unlike any other you’ve worn before. No more bra sizes, just you.

Comfort like no other                                        Fit like no other                                            Support like no other


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